Please read before booking.

Bookings can only be made online via the booking app below, if a time isn’t showing online then it 100% is not available.

The diary is only for incalls – Click here to read how to book an outcall/Hotel Visit.

Please ensure to provide a valid mobile number when you book, or the booking will be cancelled. After booking you will need to verify the number. If you are not willing to provide a mobile number you will need to provide email and also pay in advance for your booking.

Providing an email address is optional but recommended, as you will then receive more detailed booking information (Parking/Public Transport etc) and it will not be used for any other purpose/marketing.

Payment – I no longer accept card payments so please bring cash (correct amount as I may not have change) or you can do a bank transfer prior to the appointment.

I generally only accept incalls during office hours (outcall all other times, this will change when I move in Nov, I will be open late daily). If you want an evening or weekend incall appointment you are best to check on the day as I tend to open up my diary for these appointments last minute, or you can receive emails to be notified when they are available by clicking here or follow me on Twitter where I post out of hours availability and occasional discounts.

If the booking system isn’t showing below, or you are on a mobile device, please click here to access booking system.

Your Privacy is important to me.

Mobile: An instant text is sent with address details, after that no further messages will be sent unless replying to a question from yourself or incase of booking cancellation.

Email: An instant email is sent with address details, then a reminder email 2 hours prior to your appointment time, then immediately after your appointment a request for a review. After this no further emails will be sent unless replying to a message from yourself or a booking cancellation.

Under no circumstances will your details be passed to a third party.

More Questions

Any questions before you book should be answered on my profile page FAQ’s – after reading these if there is anything unanswered please email me.

See my online diary/booking system here.

*By making a booking you agree to be bound by the following terms.