Boyfriend Experience

Looking for both a massage and some company? I offer a 3 hour (approx) service for just £250.

This includes

-90 mins massage
-30 mins sex
-60 mins other

The “other” is flexible, maybe we simply grab a coffee or go for a meal and have a chat, or perhaps you want me to accompany you to an event or movie you have been wanting to watch. The 60 mins “other” is a little flexible on time, so don’t worry I am not going to get up and walk out of what we are doing as soon as the clock strikes 60. Obviously if it is going to be much longer than we would need to discuss a new price.

The massage/sex needs to be at a city centre hotel.

The deposit to book is £50 and it needs to be booked at least 7 days in advance to ensure that I don’t accept other bookings that day and I am nice and fresh, and rearing to go for you.

Please note that you also need to cover any expenses related to the “other” time.

Whilst this is called ‘boyfriend experience’, you don’t necessarily need to be looking for that kind of experience to enjoy, it is simply the catchiest name I could think of the categorise it 😉

This is a relatively new option but the clients that have experienced this so far have been really happy and have booked in for a second time!