You will receive 100% discretion from us, and we expect the same from you. If you are booking one of our city centre guys, the place we work from although city centre is discreet.

You can book 30 mins to 7 days prior to your appointment time, but advanced booking is recommended.

Whilst it can sometimes look as though there is lots of availability, to ensure a good service, we only accept 4 bookings per day each, so we can often be booked up a day or two in advance.

If a slot is showing available, you are welcome to book it, even if very last minute.

We regularly email discount offers to our email list, subscribe via the footer below.

You are able to make any special requests when you book.

Typical requests include body parts to avoid/spend more time on or preference such as music type or no talking.

Any requests for sexual service will be ignored.

It is to give you an idea of the level of sensuality to roughly expect. Please take this guide with a pinch of salt and do not use it to decide on a therapist. Generally, the lower scores (1-3) are guys that are either straight on partnered, and the higher rating (4-5) are single gay guys that may be open to pleasing you more sensually (non charged for and by mutual consent only).

Our service is massage so it does not carry a risk of infection.

Should you and your therapist mutually decide on taking things further than massage, this is via your mutual agreement, will not be charged for and you should take usual precautions on safe sex.

There is a cancel link on your confirmation (both email and text) – please click this to cancel at your earliest known opportunity and try to give us time to resell that slot. If you cancel with less than 8 hours notice then you will need to pay £10 to the therapist to be able to use our service with any of our guys again.

To change a booking, simply cancel and then rebook as required.

If you have deleted both of your email and text confirmation then please send an email to book@gaymassagemanchester.co.uk

You can pay cash on arrival, but we prefer electronic payments where possible.

You will receive bank details and a PayPal payment option when you book, and a full refund is always offered if you cancel with over 8 hours notice (£10 fee deducted if under 8 hours).


We do not offer a sexual service so this information is not relevant.

We offer our services to everyone without judgment, all we ask is you arrive super clean (or request a shower if not) and be respectful.

Please check each of our massage option pages to get the rates for the services.

To make things easier for you, we all charge exactly the same rates.

Our rates may change at any time according to demand but the rate online when you make the booking is guaranteed.

Obviously, our guys also welcome tips and will be grateful and show appreciation for them.

We do not offer a sexual service so if you are wanting aa full escort service then we may not be the best option for your booking. Our massage service is highly sensual including lingam techniques, but it is not sex. Most of our guys welcome a little gentle mutual touch, but please ask first and always be respectful.


Each individual profile will advise you if there is free parking, and full info about parking will be on your booking confirmation once you book. Your confirmation will also include information on how to arrive at your massage guys address via public transport.

Simply visit our online booking page here.

Bookings can only be made online, this is to cover ourselves legally, in this way we have evidence that you accept our terms and aware of the nature of our service.

Select your service, time and therapist, input your name and mobile (pref email too).

You will receive a text asking you to reply to confirm your mobile number. The reply code needs to be in capitals, is KEXXX not Kexxx.

Once you have confirmed your mobile you will instantly be sent the address etc.

If you are booking last minute, please ensure that can get to the postcode listed on the profile in time. Postcodes are on each individual therapists page.

Once you have confirmed your mobile number and received the address link, there is nothing else to do, your therapist diary is blocked off and they will be ready and waiting for you at the selected time.



We do not provide contact details for our guys. The main benefit of them working with this site is that they can focus just on providing great massages and not be dealing with admin, countless questions or time wasters (which unfortunately this world attracts).

All the information that you need to make a decision to book is on this site, particularly on our FAQ page. any other questions that you may have need to be asked in person with your therapist.

After booking you will be provided with the therapists’ full work address and a number to contact should you be late or lost.

The number that is provided is only allocated to your therapist 1 hour before and after your appointment time (messages will be seen by our admin outside of these hours).

If you enjoyed your time with your massage guy and want to repeat your booking, you simply book again via this site.

Please do not offend our guys by asking for their personal numbers as all requests will be refused, it defeats the whole point of them working via this site and having zero admin or client calls.

You are always welcome to shower before or after the massage service and your therapist will provide clean towels. We run to tight schedules with only 15 minutes between clients, so showering takes up part of your massage duration.

If you require a shower at the end of service, please let them know before you start.

If you haven’t recently showered (so 2 hours or less before your massage), please request a shower as it will ensure that you get the best service.

Our guys are naked for The Sensual and Express massage services but are fully dressed for Chill Out service.

If you prefer your guy to just wear boxers/briefs instead please mention in the requests when you book. We do not take any other “what to wear” requests.