Hot Tom

I couldn’t believe my luck when I got Roy on-board, he is young, cute and straight. I knew he would be very popular, which he has been, selling out literally every hour he has been available!

Having the straight guy experience already available to book, I was dubious about taking on another “Straight” dude, but the second I lay eyes on Tom, I knew that we had to have him. Hot prime beef. It would be absolutely obscene for me not to allow you to book him.

He’s 26, strikingly handsome, with a killer smile. He is cool and collected, boyish face but manly in build and manner. He has a really endearing vibe that I know will translate to his massage.

Having studied for his PT qualification, he is very aware of the male anatomy and intends to run the two roles side by side, which I feel will work perfectly.

Whilst they are both straight (Tom has a current girlfriend so he needs your utmost discretion), they completely appeal to different tastes with different age, build etc and they have entirely unique personalities, so there is certainly no harm in having the two of them for you to chose from.

He is training with me over the weekend and Monday and will be available to book for his trial shifts next week from Tuesday. Initially, he will only be available for a 60 min Naturist Sens Service so he will only show availability on the diary if you select this service.

The pic shown is Tom, but he has since had tattoos on his arms that make him even hotter (but recognisable to people that know him, hence, using a slightly older pic). He is now looking buffer too.

I have promised Tom you will all want to try him, don’t let me down, go and book him now!