About Me

Male Massage Manchester

I offer an unhurried and discreet male massage service, either from my Manchester City Centre Male Massage Studio, or your City Centre / Airport Hotel bed.


I’m a qualified and experienced naturist massage therapist from Manchester. I got bored of my dead-end sales job and started to look at different avenues. I had always had an interest in health and holistic therapies and massage seemed like an obvious escape from the sales trap. I enjoy offering my service and I give every client everything I have to ensure they enjoy their massage time with me. I am not a fan of immodesty, but my reviews speak for themselves, I aim to be the best male sensual massage in your area. I won’t stop until you’re happy!

I have now reached over 1300 clients in 3 years, with many of those now repeat clients, it’s been a busy 2+ years !! My client base in the UK is large and growing, but I am always happy to see new faces.

I hate to describe myself, but I am a quiet chilled out guy, I would like to consider myself friendly and welcoming, I have a good outlook on life and I am highly positive. One thing I can guarantee is that you will feel welcome in my company and be glad you came to visit.

Why Should you pick me?

    • Qualified, Passionate about massage and Experienced (not just a guy looking to make an extra buck!)
    • The best massage reviews
    • Honest & 100% reliable, never any fuss!
    • Come from an educated background and easy to chat with should you wish to do so
    • Half the price of an escort but twice the pleasure!
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