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New Erotica Ebook


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Shockingly for me, it was 3 years ago (feels like 1), that I read an article about people making money from writing short Erotica novels and decided to give it a go myself. I had already started working as a Gay Masseur and so I had the surplus of free time that this occupation brings. I sat in Cafe Nero and quickly banged out Builder Goes Gay

It was a half hearted attempt that took less than 2 hours, I didn’t proofread, I wrote and published, wham bang thank you man. Now from my research, the key to earning a living from Erotica, is that you have to have over 100 published stories before it earns you anything sizeable on a monthly basis, with most erotica writers publishing at least 2 short stories a month. So my 3 year hiatus is not the best way to go about my desire for long term passive income. To be fair to me, not long after writing my first (crap) attempt I did get really busy in the world of massage.

It was while in Thailand in December, that I decided to try and get back to business, and started my new short Erotica. I took the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (as followers of my Thailand blog will now), and I shared a cabin with some straight French dude. Now my real life French dude wasn’t hot at all, and I promise you that nothing happened on my journey, it is pure fiction, but it inspired me to get back to writing.

It’s now finished and will be available on Amazon shortly, if you don’t own a Kindle you can download the Kindle app for your mobile or any tablet (and also make your commute or bog breaks more inspirational than crappy facebook?). Now listen guys, it is a short erotic piece, so don’t be expecting anything of literary substance. It is simply written for you to read, get a bit horny, and have a wank. Without having to watch porn.

Am I happy with this one? No, not entirely. I am a bit of a self doubter to start with, and also you have to write fucking shit loads to become any good at it, so it is part of my progress but by no means a polished finished attempt. I will however say it is much much better than my first attempt, I would say that I give Builder Goes Gay 1/10 and this 4/10 – so a sizeable improvement in my own books but with a long way to go. I have also attempted to read a few other Gay eroticas available on Amazon, and I would say I am defo no worse that what is currently selling well!

What’s next?

Whilst writing my mini blog in Thailand and this new Erotica, I have really grown to enjoy taking time out to write. Like I say, I have still a long way to go, but it is a journey that I want to take. I plan to write and publish a new Erotica once a month (providing I don’t get 100 x 1 star reviews haha), but before I start writing them I have 2 non fiction books I want to write.

The first of which is “A to Z of Gay Massage”, pretty self-explanatory what it is about. I originally wanted to write 30 days in the life of a gay masseur, but I found it impossible to write without invading my clients privacy. Writing it as an A to Z will allow me to be more vague on the client front whilst still giving you a very honest insight into my world. It will be a mix of serious issue and funny incidents, and hopefully, anybody that has wanted to ask me questions about what I do will have them ALL answered.

This being a nonfiction work, I feel much more confident in my ability to write an excellent read. Not sure how long it will take me, but I will let you know how I get on with it along the way.

The other book I want to write is called, actually no I can’t tell you the name as somebody may pinch my idea. Basically, it is googled a lot and there isn’t a book of that name, kerching. The book will be a series of interviews with closet gay men married to women, followed by my insight into this arena and info from my research too. This will be a more serious book but I am very passionate about getting it right, to hopefully help other gay men married to women. I know from my work it is a VERY common set up, but I need to ensure I approach it in the right way. If you are in this situation I would love to hear from you!