New Lower Massage Rates

I have recently been trialling offering a discount for advanced payment, and whilst it did increase the number of people paying in advance and allowing me to plan a little better, I’ ve been given feedback from several clients that it puts them off booking last minute as they want to pay the lower price, so maybe they look elsewhere and consider me for next time.

I always listen to feedback, so I’ve removed the discount for paying in advance and I’ve made most of my prices better/cheaper all of the time!

I like to trial these things to see if they make things better for me, but will always but you guys first so always let me know if you have any feedback, on any matter, that will help me provide a better service!

So with immediate effect, cheaper prices for all but there is no discount for advance payments. I still really appreciate payments by bank transfer or Paypal whenever possible to save me having to go to the bank 😉