November Update

Hey Gents

If you have read any of my recent posts, you will have seen that my new apartment fell through last week, well, in true Kevin style I am over it quick and back to being happy with my situation. What is meant to be will be. I am not homeless. Shit happens.

Just wanted to update you with a few little things….


Card Payments

When my card reader machine broke they wanted £60 for a new one, and I only used to take about 2 payments a week, so I didn’t bother replacing. But anyways, they called and offered me a free new machine so I can now take card payments again if you prefer to pay by card.


My last day working is the 15th Nov and I will be back working on the 14th Dec – I will be working all over Xmas except Xmas Day & Boxing Day 🙂


Not to exaggerate, I have been getting 10+ messages a day asking where my twitter profile as gone!! Lots of closet followers coming out of the woodwork. If it makes my repeat clients happy then it is worth me continuing with it but I just want to have a little think before I download again haha


If you can come and see me before I go away…….you will make your Masseur very happy I need to be busy busy (i do miss holiday pay…)