Pay Deposit / Balance

New clients (or repeats that have cancelled late) are required to pay deposit of £10 – to pay please use one of the following methods. You can also use the details to pay the balance of your booking rather than bring cash if you prefer.


Bank Transfer: Kevin Hall (Monzo Bank) 04-00-04 / 35032417

Amazon:Last Resort – If you are extremely concerned about discretion I will accept a £15 amazon gift voucher sent to or +447474174381 within 2 hours of booking. Buy Voucher

Deposit Terms if you cancel

Over 8 hours notice – Refund or Amend

Less Than 8 hours – No Refund, can rebook with new deposit.

No Show without contact – No Refund or Amend – unable to book again.

Amazon vouchers are non refundable (but you can still amend the appointment time, with more than 8 hours notice). Amazon vouchers can not be given for balance payment only the deposit.

In the unlikely event I cancel the appointment, you can choose either a refund or to amend the date with 10% extra discount for the inconvenience (only applicable to bookings that have paid a deposit).