Sex so far…..

The Client

I write this with a killer hangover and zero motivation to write anything. Blogging is hard work man I thought it was an easy lifestyle! Joking aside I just wanted to write a quick post and keep you updated.

The offers from clients are thick and fast but with the heat and hangovers I have still only seen two clients, the cute Thai guy I have told you about and the visit to the plush hotel that I am going to tell you a little more about now.

The hotel was the St Regis Bangkok, it is a hotel with such class but only attracts a room rate of around £200 a night!!! The same hotel in the UK would be at least £500 a night. It has direct access to the hotel from the Metro and the hotel oozes elegance and style, the standard room felt like a luxury suite. The hotel I am in cost around £110 a night, I would say value for money, the St Regis offers 5 times the value. As I am here for two weeks I don’t think I would enjoy such a formal setting, but if you ever are plan a few nights in Bangkok on the way to a beach resort I would highly recommend the St Regis (a good blogger would have affiliate links here to make money).

Anyways, back to my client. He was a sweet American guy, currently living in Europe but in Bangkok for a holiday (indefinitely). Before the appointment he offered to give me a higher rate than I proposed, and just asked that he enjoyed but no pressure for anything I wasn’t into, so I knew he would be respectful.

I spent around half hour providing my usual massage service, but then we both got uber horny and it turned into a full on sex sesh. It all felt quite natural and horny, with slow build up to the sex. I love a slow build up.

He didn’t want full anal sex but we still made the most of our time together, we ended with me sat on his face and him wanking me off, he really knew how to rim good, it was heaven. Just got hard again writing that.

The Non Client

Last night my mate arranged a hook up with a middle eastern guy that looked proper hot in his pics, so I agreed to disperse for a few hours. For the record the sex with middle eastern guy was shit and he was too trying to be masc. But back to me haha.  I ventured down to the gay scene at Silom. I have been a few times before but never alone. I don’t really enjoy the gay scene even in Manchester but I thought if I had to go out solo (something again I would never do at home), better to go where I know etc.

I sat down and within 5 minutes I had three different guys trying to hit on me, all 70+. and it felt like a bad idea to visit here alone


So I got up to leave, barely having touched my drink, and one of the bar guys said ‘don’t leave come and talk to us inside old men leave you alone’ – they don’t mince their words the thais. So I gave it a shot and went inside where I was left alone and had a good laugh with the staff.


Next thing I knew I was kissing a muscled Thai guy, he asked to take me back to his, that was miles away so I said no, he then said lets get a room round the corner. I obliged.

We checked in, went to the shop, bought pizza, condoms, beer and lube, you know, the essentials.

I thought we was in for a night of passion.

Back at the room, he showered me down lovingly. Well can you call three drops of water out of a dirty pipe a shower I dont know? The room must have been very cheap, but I wasn’t paying so I didn’t complain.


On the bed, no foreplay, kissing or nothing he whipped the condom on my dick and got on all fours with ass in the air.

What a turn off.

As I say, I like a slow and sensual build up, the fuck is the end not the beginning,

Disappointed I just banged away effortless until I came, said my goodbye and jumped on my moped home with the wind in my hair.

Moped boy was cute I probably gripped on closer than meant to.

The end.

Got more to tell you but just a quick post for now xx

Moral of the story is the client was better sex than the regular, so take the money and fuck good.