Hey Guys

Bummer – The purchase of my new apartment fell through on Tues, so I will be staying where I am for the foreseeable future until I decide what to do. I am really disappointed but trying to take my usual positive spin that what is meant to be will be…. I am sure a month chillin in Thailand will help me decide where to next!! Quite a lot of my repeat clients expressed that they was sad about the move as they like coming to where I am now, so least some people will be happy with this news haha.

Twitter – If you followed me on twitter you may have noticed that I have closed my account. I apologise if you enjoyed being kept updated via this platform but it was becoming like a full time job trying to read messages and tweets, and although it did get me the odd new client, the value/time ratio meant it wasn’t really worthwhile. I don’t use social media (facebook etc) for personal use even, as I feel that it is a waste of useful time to be productive and also that it takes away privacy, and the business profile was beginning to exactly feel the same.

Finally I am working this Saturday so if you struggle to come and see me during the week then why not come and see me this Sat (28 oct).

Much love